Physical Properties of Quinoa Seeds

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Biosystems Engineering (2003) 86 (1), 59–65

C. Vilche - M. Gely - E. Santalla Physical properties of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) seeds were determined as a function of moisture content. In the moisture range from to 46 to 258% dry basis, the 1000 seed mass increased from to 25 to 31 g, the sphericity from 077 to 080, the density from 928 to 1188 kgm3, the porosity from 019 to 044, the angle of repose from 18 to 258, the static coefficient of friction from 014  to 027 and the terminal velocity from 06 to 102ms1. Only the bulk density decreased with moisture content from 747 to 667 kgm3. In the range of moisture evaluated, all properties showed moisture dependence according to linear relationships with correlation coefficients higher than 090.

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