Quality of spaghetti in base amaranthus wholemeal flour added with quinoa, broad bean and chick pea

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Journal of Food Engineering 84 (2008) 101–107

The quality of three gluten free spaghetti typologies, made from amaranthus flour plus the addition of quinoa (CQA), broad bean (CBA) or chick pea (CCA), was investigated. The quality of the produced spaghetti was compared to that of spaghetti made of durum semolina (CTRL). Tests were run on the samples to determine breakage susceptibility of dry spaghetti, the cooking resistance, instrumental stickiness in cooking and over cooking, cooking loss and some sensorial attributes at the optimal cooking time. The spaghetti obtained from amaranthus flour when compared to the CTRL, had equal or lower dry breakage susceptibility and cooking resistance, higher cooking loss and visibly lower instrumental stickiness. However, these spaghetti did not demonstrate relevant sensorial differences
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