Anthocyanins, total polyphenols and antioxidant activity in amaranth and quinoa seeds and sprouts during their growth

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Food Chemistry 115 (2009) 994–998

Total antioxidant capacity, total phenolic contents (TP) and anthocyanins contents (ANT) were determined
in Amaranthus cruentus and Chenopodium quinoa seeds and sprouts. Antioxidant activity of the
investigated seeds decreased in the following order: quinoa, amaranth v. Rawa, amaranth v. Aztek for
FRAP and quinoa, amaranth v. Aztek, amaranth v. Rawa for both ABTS and DPPH. Sprouts activity
depended on the length of their growth, and the peak values were reached on the fourth day in the case
of amaranth and on the sixth day in the case of quinoa. The data obtained by the three methods showed
significant correlation between TP content in seeds and sprouts. In sprouts grown in the daylight and in
the darkness we observed some significant changes of TP, ANT and antioxidant activity. Amaranth and
quinoa seeds and sprouts can be used in food, because it is a good source of ANT and TP with high antioxidant

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